The modern car: a computer on wheels, just waiting to be hacked.

Imagine driving down the highway at 70 miles per hour, when suddenly the wheel turns hard right. You crash. And it was because someone hacked your car.

It’s not far-fetched science fiction. It’s the near-term future today’s hackers are warning about.

Most people aren’t aware their cars are already high-tech computers. And now we’re networking them by giving them wireless connectivity. Yet there’s a danger to turning your car into a smartphone on wheels: It makes them a powerful target for hackers.

Ed Adams is a researcher at Security Innovation, a company that tests the safety of automobiles. Referring to the computers and software used to power today’s cars, he says, “Auto manufacturers are not up to speed. They’re just behind the times. Car software is not built to the same standards as, say, a bank application. Or software coming out of Microsoft.”

The nightmare scenario: Hackers access your car’s core controls by breaching its Internet-connected entertainment system and tamper with your brakes.

But cars are going wireless, and that means wires won’t be needed to hack them.


Sourced by Rachel Xu

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