Some great game titles were revealed at E3 this week.

At E3 2014 this week, EA started their conference with a look at the DICE developed Star Wars Battlefront, with the developers travelling to the film’s locations to ensure authenticity in their visuals. There was also a closer look at BioWare’s Dragon Age: Inquisition, a high-fantasy RPG which portrayed a group of mages and warriors battling a huge dragon. There will be a more action-orientated option than it predecessors, but will also feature the tactical camera for purists.

BioWare revealed they are working on a new Mass Effect for the next-generation of consoles. The new game will kick off a new chapter in the Mass Effect universe following the concluding chapter of the original trilogy, but kept any details close to their chest. They promised ‘contemporary storytelling’.

A new demo for The Sims 4 followed, showing how your Sims will be smarter and have more noticeable and effective emotional states. You can share your created characters with other players in order to fill your Sims world with more diverse personalities. The Sims 4 will be released on 12 September.

British racing game maestros Criterion Games revealed they were working on a new game, but somewhat away from their comfort zone. An extreme sports title that will allow players to fly helicopters, drive jet skis or make parachute jumps. The game is in the very early stages and is yet to be titled.

There was also a first airing for EA’s rebranded golf game. Having dropped the Tiger Woods name they have used for a decade, PGA Tour will use EA’s proprietary engine Frostbite, which powers games such as Battlefield.


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