New tech uses synthetic “vision” to detect if citrus fruit is good or bad, protecting workers’ eyes.

There has been too much talk in the news lately about Apples, so it’s time we talk about oranges.

A machine that uses artificial vision and UV rays to scan through citrus fruit and get rid of rotten ones has been developed in Spain.

Usually the inspection is done manually in dark rooms, also using UV light, but this type of light can harm workers’ eyes and skin, so they must wear protective clothing and goggles.

The team from the Valencian Institute of Agrarian Research said that their technology could eliminate these risks.

To avoid workers’ UV exposure, Professor Jose Blasco of the Valencian Institute of Agrarian Research and his colleagues decided to let a machine do the job.

“Our system captures the images of the fruits inside an inspection chamber illuminated only with black light,” he said.

“If the fruit is infected, it will show a spot of fluorescence, which is like a small right circle in the middle of the dark.”

No word yet if the machine then vaporizes the bad orange using a laser-canon, but we think this is unlikely.

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Sourced by: Roy W. Nash

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