Ubuntu Unity will breathe continual life into the Compiz window manager.

With GNOME-Shell and KWin omitting Compiz from the Linux desktop, the future of the Compiz window manager and its development looked unpromising.  Some exciting news came to us from Canonical yesterday following Mark Shuttleworth’s announcement at the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Orlando that not only will Unity be included with April’s release of Ubuntu 11.04, but it will be powered by Compiz rather than mutter.

Unity is a sleek, streamlined interface which is currently shipping on the netbook edition of Ubuntu Linux.

Jono Bacon, the Community Manager at Canonical (the developers of Ubuntu) says “Compiz [..] is much faster, most notably on hardware that has traditionally had the most trouble from bug reports. Quality meets design meets performance.”

The exciting thing about this news is that it means Compiz is not dead, and that development will continue in full-force, with the backing of Unity, which is continuing to grow in popularity.

Canonical stresses that Ubuntu continues to be a GNOME distribution, shipping the GNOME stack and supporting GNOME Apps.  The difference is, Unity is a different shell for GNOME, giving users a new experience that is designed for absolute ease of use.  Canonical promises that support for the latest version of GNOME Shell will still continue in the Ubuntu archives.

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Sourced by:  Roy W. Nash

5 Comments to Ubuntu Unity will breathe continual life into the Compiz window manager.

  1. Cory Claxon says:

    When I first tried it was VERY slow and clunky, and still is. If Unity is not improved in 11.04, and is sill slow and clunky – it may my turn off from Ubuntu all together. I hope it can be UNinstalled without breaking it, Ubuntu integrates thing really tightly, lets hope this better w/ compiz!

    • Robbie Ferguson says:

      Nice thing about a window manager is it can easily be replaced with “either or”. For example: typing metacity –replace will disable Compiz and switch you to Metacity. Likewise, compiz –replace will kill metacity (or another window manager) and replace it with Compiz. In like manner, other window managers may be replaced with a simple command. Going further: the desktop environment, the session can easily be switched between any number of installed DE’s. Good luck!!

  2. I wouldn’t say that “KWin and mutter” are “threatening” compiz, rather that KWin and mutter are competing for a niche with compiz

    • Robbie Ferguson says:

      Thanks for clarifying your thoughts on this, Sam. I, personally, felt Compiz to be “threatened” by GNOME-Shell, as it feels a lot like Compiz is being either ignored or obsoleted by it. I’m very much a Compiz / Emerald baby. :)

  3. This is horrible news. If you ask me that kind of weird overlay interface stuff like GNOME Shell and Unity is all garbage, It makes using your computer that much more difficult if your used to the old Setup.

    I am ok with this if you have the option to revert to a traditional looking Gnome interface, otherwise I will no longer use Ubuntu as I can not stand the Unity/Gnome-Shell style interface.

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