Automattic Transfers Trademark to WordPress Foundation

Automattic Inc., sponsor of the popular open-source blogging and content-management platform, WordPress, has transferred the software’s trademark to the WordPress Foundation, the non-profit dedicated to promoting and ensuring access to WordPress and related open source projects.

It is nearly unheard of for a company to donate one of its most valuable assets to a non-profit foundation, but Automattic was founded in 2005 partly to enable its developers to work on the open-source WordPress project full-time. The company has figured out a way to remain profitable and still contribute greatly to the open source community, as the majority of the company work is available under licenses such as the GPL.

The Category 5 TV Newsroom runs on the WordPress platform. If you are interested in trying the software out, you can download it at or set up a free blog at

Source: Matt Mullenweg, Automattic

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