Valve boss responds on ‘mod’ row

Valve boss Gabe Newell has defended the company’s decision to let developers of some game modifications or ‘mods’ charge for their creations.

WattsUpDoc: US hospitals trial AC power probes to treat medical malware

Two major hospitals in the United States are trialling a new system for detecting malware on medical devices, using probes that monitor AC power consumption to detect infections.
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Smartphones pack huge batteries

New smartphones from Lenovo and Acer feature much bigger batteries than is the norm for a handset.

How to get more text on Snapchat

Get even more creative with your Snapchats with this easy iPhone hack

Silk Road ‘link’ to six drug deaths

Six people who died from overdoses bought their drugs via the Silk Road marketplace, claims the US government.

Thirty Meter Telescope website falls over in hacktivist DDoS attack

Hacktivists have launched a distributed denial-of-service attack against the website of TMT (Thirty Meter Telescope), which is planned to be the Northern hemisphere’s largest, most advanced optical telescope.
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Woman denied $41.8m jackpot payout

A 90-year-old woman is denied a $41.8m (£27.6m) penny slot machine bonus after the casino blames it on a computer error.

VIDEO: Star Wars fans launch X-wing flight

Two amateur astronomers have launched a model of a Star Wars ‘X-wing’ vehicle into the stratosphere.

Does digital mean the end of history?

Are we in danger of entering a digital dark age?

VIDEO: Smart card is ‘wallet replacement’

The Stratos card aims to be a single credit-card sized replacement for all the existing cards in a person’s wallet.