Google is testing an option for web site visitors to turn off ads by paying a small fee.

Google has unveiled a project that offers web users the option to pay to visit sites rather than see adverts. Dubbed Contributor, users can pay a monthly fee of between $1 to $3 for ad-free sites. When those who have paid their subscriptions visit a participating site they will see pixelated patterns replacing the adverts. It has so far signed up a handful of websites, including ScienceDaily and Urban Dictionary, to test the system. Others in the current trial include WikiHow, Mashable and Imgur. Access to the service is currentlyRead More

Would you trade in your iPhone for a BlackBerry Passport? What if BlackBerry sweetened the deal by giving you $550 to make the switch?

BlackBerry is trying to convince iPhone owners to switch to its Passport smartphone by throwing in a financial incentive. The promotion, which starts Monday, promises as much as $550 to iPhone owners who trade in their handsets in favor of BlackBerry’s Passport. The actual trade-in value depends on the iPhone, with the iPhone 4S worth up to $90 and the iPhone 6 worth up to $400. BlackBerry then sweetens the deal by kicking in an additional $150 as a topper for each iPhone. The iPhone 6 Plus is not eligible.Read More

Turn your iPhone into a VR headset for just $100. That’s what a Toronto-based company is offering as a feature of their incredible up-and-coming iPhone case.

Samsung’s Gear VR isn’t the only device looking to bring mobile virtual reality to the masses. Toronto-based agency Cordon Media is building Pinć, an iPhone 6 and 6 Plus case that turns Apple’s smartphone into an immersive VR headset for shopping and surfing the web. Pinć has launched a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo and is expected to ship in June for just $100. While it looks like little more than a thick iPhone 6 shell at first glance, Pinć unfolds into a slick pair of virtual reality goggles that usesRead More

Pirated CMS plugins and themes are being used to distribute a powerful backdoor to web servers.

Security researchers have discovered thousands of backdoored plugins and themes for the top content management systems that could be used by attackers to compromise web servers on a large scale. The Netherlands-based security firm Fox-IT has published a whitepaper revealing a new Backdoor named “CryptoPHP.” Security researchers have uncovered malicious plugins and themes for WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. However, there is a slight relief for Drupal users, as only themes are found to be infected from CryptoPHP backdoor. In order to victimize site administrators, miscreants makes use of a simpleRead More

Why Your Days of Fearing Data Loss in the Cloud are Over

Why Your Days of Fearing Data Loss in the Cloud are Over

A five-year-old boy is now a Microsoft Certified Professional

A boy from England has become the youngest computer specialist in the world. Ayan Qureshi is now a Microsoft Certified Professional after passing the tech giant’s exam when he was just five years old. The test is usually taken by people who want to become IT technicians. Ayan, now six, whose father is an IT consultant, has set up his own computer network at home. He told the BBC he found the exam difficult but enjoyable, and hopes to set up a UK-based tech hub one day. Ayan, who livesRead More

Russia’s presidential library wants to create a replacement for Wikipedia

Russia is planning an alternative version of the Wikipedia, the country’s presidential library has said. A statement said the initiative aimed to provide better information about Russia than is available on Wikipedia. Analysis had shown that Wikipedia “does not have enough detailed and reliable information about Russian regions and the life of the country”, it said. Some 50,000 books and documents had been collected, it said, to portray Russia “objectively and accurately”. Source: Sourced by Roy W. Nash

A report from the Wall Street Journal claims US government planes are collecting phone data

According to the Wall Street Journal, devices that gather data from millions of mobile phones are being flown over the US by the government. The “dirtbox” devices mimic mobile phone tower transmissions, and handsets transmit back their location and unique identity data, the report claims. While they are used to track specific suspects, all mobile devices in the area will respond to the signal. The Wall Street Journal said it had spoken to “sources familiar with the programme” who said Cessna aircraft fitted with dirtboxes were flying from at leastRead More

NVIDIA has released the beta version of a huge update to their Linux drivers.

A new NVIDIA Beta Linux driver has been released, and this is one of the biggest updates in a long time. There are so many improvements in the driver that it’s hard to pick out the most important ones. For example, the VP8 video streams (usually found in Internet browsers) are now played through the NVIDIA GPU, nvidia-settings is now able to take advantage of GTK+ 3, the performance has been increased measurably, and the limit on the maximum number of OpenGL Framebuffer Objects has been removed. While only inRead More

CoSoSys: Android Lollipop’s Encryption By Default Feature Ensures Android Devices Are Safer

CoSoSys: Android Lollipop’s Encryption By Default Feature Ensures Android Devices Are Safer