A Canon printer has been hacked to run the old game DOOM on the tiny screen.

DOOM on Canon Pixma Printer

A wireless Canon Pixma printer has been hacked to run classic video game Doom. The hack was carried out by security researcher Michael Jordon, and it took four months to get the game running on the hardware. He said he had undertaken the project to demonstrate the security problems surrounding devices that would form the “internet of things”. Canon said it planned to fix the loopholes on future printers to make them harder to subvert. “The printer has a 32-bit Arm processor, 10 meg of memory and even the screenRead More

Yahoo is fighting for its users’ right to privacy.

The public is getting a broader glimpse at the still-secretive world of government data collection. Yahoo said Thursday it won release of 1,500 pages of documents filed in a secretive surveillance court. It said the documents stem from an unsuccessful lawsuit it brought in 2008 challenging the government’s right to demand user information. The company won a victory last year when portions of previously-closed documents were ordered public. As it noted Thursday, disclosures from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court are “extremely rare.” The documents are a public relations victory forRead More

Microsoft is buying the company that makes Minecraft, and the creator is leaving.

Microsoft is expanding its video game empire, buying the wildly popular Minecraft and the tiny production studio that designed it for $2.5 billion. With Minecraft, Microsoft will be acquiring one of the most popular games ever. Minecraft has been downloaded more than 100 million times since it launched in 2009. But buying Minecraft won’t give Microsoft the brains behind the creation. Yesterday, Minecraft creator Markus Persson wrote a public letter saying he’s leaving Mojang as soon as he signs the deal. Now that a major corporation is involved and Minecraft hasRead More

The ban on Uber’s alternative taxi service has been lifted in Germany.

Uber Taxi Service

There has been mounting opposition to services such as Uber which uses smartphone apps to connect Taxi drivers and customers. UberPop is one of several services offered by the firm and has proved particularly controversial because it uses drivers not directly employed by the company and therefore without professional transportation licenses. In London, cab drivers launched a day of protests over Uber’s services which they claimed broke Transport for London rules. Similar protests have been held in Paris, Madrid, Rome, Milan and Berlin and the service has also been bannedRead More

Kidde smoke and carbon monoxide detectors recalled

Heath Canada has issued a recall notice for 112,000 Kidde smoke and carbon monoxide detectors sold throughout the country between January and May of this year. The hazard lies in the case of a power outage. That’s when the device may go into a latched mode, causing it to not go off when smoke or carbon monoxide is in the air. Kidde Model i12010S-C0-CA with the recalled manufacture date of Mar. 31, 2014 (Health Canada) The agency said this can happen if the power is shut off while the alarmRead More

Has Apple done enough to fix celebrity photo leaks?

Has Apple done enough to fix celebrity photo leaks?

Twitter will begin including “buy” buttons on some tweets in an effort to generate revenue from its users.


Micro-blogging service Twitter will soon start testing a “buy” button as it seeks to generate more cash from users. The button will sit inside a tweet and allow people to click to buy an item directly from that message. Tests with a “small percentage of US users” and a limited number of commercial partners are due to begin shortly, it said. The trials marks a more serious attempt by Twitter to generate revenue by means other than advertising. Before now, it has been possible to buy via Twitter but thisRead More

Twitpic is shutting down.

Twitpic Logo

Photo-sharing company Twitpic is to close over a trademark dispute with one of its earliest collaborators, Twitter. Twitpic, which was launched in 2008, said the social network had demanded it drop an application for a trademark. If not, the photo-sharing firm would have been denied access to data that allowed it to develop for the Twitter platform. Twitter said it was sad that the firm was shutting down, and that Twitpic could have continued to use its name. The photo-sharing firm gained a loyal following after its 2008 launch. TheRead More

Verizon is in trouble with the FCC for using customer information without consent.

Verizon Logo

Verizon is in hot water with federal regulators for showing customers ads based on their personal information without first obtaining consent. The Federal Communications Commission announced Wednesday that Verizon (VZ,Tech30) has agreed to a $7.4 million settlement for failing to properly notify two million new wireline phone customers that it was using information about them like billing and location data to market them new Verizon services. Phone companies are allowed to use this kind of information for targeted marketing campaigns, but only if they obtain consent from customers first. Source: http://money.cnn.com/2014/09/03/technology/mobile/verizon-fcc/index.htmlRead More

GM plans to introduce hands-free vehicles as early as 2016.

General Motors Logo

General Motors plans to introduce vehicles with improved communications technology and autonomous driving capabilities within the next few years. The automaker’s chief executive, Mary Barra, said Sunday that GM will release a car equipped with Wi-Fi-based vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) technology within two years, as well as hands-free driving capabilities. Speaking in Detroitduring her keynote address at the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) World Congress, Barra said an all-new 2017 Cadillac vehicle, due for release in 2016, will offer the hands-free ‘Super Cruise’ technology as well as the inclusion of V2V features. TheRead More