Your love for Linux might help get you a job.

IT is changing organizations across the globe, impacting enterprises, governments and the wider public sector. Open source in particular is a driver in innovation, giving organizations a competitive edge and an ability to scale and adapt to changing market demands. According to the 2014 Linux Jobs Report, demand for Linux expertise continues to grow, with hiring managers across a number of industries citing Linux talents as one of the top recruitment priorities this year. Unsurprisingly, with more government IT transformation projects under way in Asia Pacific, the need to reinvestRead More has been blacklisted by Google.

In a move that caught many publishers off guard, Google blacklisted several days ago. We started seeing spotty reports of being blacklisted over the weekend and it has now gone full-blown with all links apparently being blacklisted by Chrome as hosting malware. Delicious has changed hands several times over the years and recently was re-sold earlier this year to Science Inc. The site gets more traffic than according to Alexa, so the impact of this may be wider then’s blacklisting over the weekend. hasRead More

Fake Microsoft support callers have had their accounts frozen by a US court.

A US federal district court has ordered the shut down of a tech support operation said to have deceptively earned $2.5m from consumers. A New York federal court on Friday ordered the shutdown of telemarketing firm incorporated in the state, accused by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) of selling bogus software and support under false claims that consumers’ PCs were loaded with viruses, spyware, and system errors. The injunction was granted in the absence of the accused company and its chief operators ahead of a trial to be decided byRead More

A huge computer retail chain in the UK is denying warranty to users who install Linux.

Most Linux users these days won’t give second thought to installing Linux on their new computers. They know that times have changed, and the operating system is ignored for warranty procedures, especially for hardware failures, and it would seem ridiculous to think otherwise. Why would a store care what OS you have installed on your computer or laptop, especially if it’s broken? Who would make such a rule and why? It seems that there is at least one major retail computer store that still practices this and it’s in theRead More

An innovative company is bringing offline access to Internet-sourced information to areas of the world with no Internet.

Can an entire library be put in your pocket? Most people would say yes. All you need is a mobile phone with access to the internet. But what about for the many people in the world that lack internet connectivity? The answer can still be “yes”, according to Syed Karim, who explained the nature of his company, Outernet, at TEDGlobal. The business aims to address the fact that about two-thirds of the world’s population still has no internet access. He told the BBC, “When you talk about the internet, you talkRead More

Smart Meters can be hacked to reduce your utility bill.

Many utility companies are installing smart meters to help customers monitor and manage their power use and help them be more energy efficient. Javier Vidal is an independent researcher who, along with Alberto Illera, has found flaws in the smart meters. He says, “we took them apart to see how they work”. What he found has raised concerns at the utility companies: smart meters can be hacked to under-report energy use. This essentially means, with a little know-how and very little scruples, you could effectively cut your electricity bill. Attackers could useRead More

The BBC will be exposing articles removed from Google by the “Right to Be Forgotten” rule.

The BBC is to publish a continually updated list of its articles removed from Google under the controversial “right to be forgotten” rule. The ruling allows people to ask Google to remove some types of information about them from its search index. But editorial policy head David Jordan told a public meeting, hosted by Google, that the BBC felt some of its articles had been wrongly hidden. He said greater care should be given to the public’s “right to remember”. The BBC will begin – in the “next few weeks”Read More

A proof-of-concept worm has demonstrated that an attacker could take control of home data storage.

A malicious worm that can roam the net seeking data stored on insecure hardware has been created by a security researcher. The proof-of-concept worm was written to illustrate how vulnerable such data stores are to malicious attack. The worm can exploit the many bugs researcher Jacob Holcomb found in popular home data storage systems. Already, he said, there was evidence cybercriminals had noticed how easy it was to exploit these data stores. Mr Holcomb started work on the worm after carrying out a series of tests on Network Attached StorageRead More

To truly teleport an object, you have to include all its quantum properties. Now, physicists have worked out how.


To truly teleport an object, you have to include all its quantum properties. Now, physicists have worked out how. Photons have many properties, such as their frequency, momentum, spin and orbital angular momentum. But when it comes to quantum teleportation, physicists have only ever been able to to transmit one of these properties at a time. So the possibility of teleporting a complete quantum object has always seemed a distant dream. Now, a team of Chinese physicists has worked out how to teleport more than one quantum property. The teamRead More

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