The city of Turin in Italy is dropping Windows and installing Ubuntu Linux.

The City of Turin had decided to ditch Windows XP in favor of Ubuntu … and the move will save them €6m in the next 5 years. The move will mean installing the open source operating system on 8,300 PCs, which will generate an immediate saving of roughly €300 per machine (almost €2.5m altogether, made up from the cost of Windows and Office licences) — a sum that will grow over the years as the need for the renewal of proprietary software licences vanishes, and the employees get used to theRead More

Apple’s in trouble for using their base in Ireland to avoid paying taxes.

Apple faces fines of billions of euros as investigators prepare to accuse the company of receiving illegal state aid in Ireland for more than 20 years. The European Commission began looking into Apple’s tax affairs in Ireland, where the US company sites its international headquarters, in June. This week, according to the UK’s Financial Times, the EC’s preliminary findings will be presented with formal accusations against Apple. Apple’s international operations have been based in Cork, Ireland since 1980. The company employs 4,000 people in Ireland. Other major companies headquartered inRead More

A bug has been found in Bash that leaves you and your devices wide open to attack. A patch is needed.

Just months after Heartbleed made waves across the Internet, a new security flaw known as the Bash bug–or “Shellshock”–is threatening to compromise everything from major servers to connected cameras. The quarter-century-old security flaw allows malicious code execution within the bash shell (commonly accessed through Command Prompt on PC or Mac‘s Terminal application) to take over an operating system and access confidential information. A post from open-source software company Red Hat warned that “it is common for a lot of programs to run Bash shell in the background,” and the bugRead More

Microsoft’s XBox One is the first gaming console to be released in China after the ban was lifted early this year.

In January, the Chinese government lifted a 14-year ban on consoles, made because of worries over content, and Microsoft has beaten both Nintendo and Sony to store shelves. Microsoft has launched the Xbox One in China – becoming the first major console maker to enter what could be a massively lucrative market. The first consoles were sold in Shanghai, priced at 4,299 yuan ($699, £430). Sony and Nintendo are yet to launch their respective products. However, many popular titles, such as Call of Duty, will still be banned. Only 10Read More

BadUSB: The unusual suspect

BadUSB: The unusual suspect

9 tips to protect your CRM data from malicious hackers

9 tips to protect your CRM data from malicious hackers

iOS 8 and iPhone 6: Businesses might not be quite as ready as their employees

iOS 8 and iPhone 6: Businesses might not be quite as ready as their employees

A Canon printer has been hacked to run the old game DOOM on the tiny screen.

DOOM on Canon Pixma Printer

A wireless Canon Pixma printer has been hacked to run classic video game Doom. The hack was carried out by security researcher Michael Jordon, and it took four months to get the game running on the hardware. He said he had undertaken the project to demonstrate the security problems surrounding devices that would form the “internet of things”. Canon said it planned to fix the loopholes on future printers to make them harder to subvert. “The printer has a 32-bit Arm processor, 10 meg of memory and even the screenRead More

Yahoo is fighting for its users’ right to privacy.

The public is getting a broader glimpse at the still-secretive world of government data collection. Yahoo said Thursday it won release of 1,500 pages of documents filed in a secretive surveillance court. It said the documents stem from an unsuccessful lawsuit it brought in 2008 challenging the government’s right to demand user information. The company won a victory last year when portions of previously-closed documents were ordered public. As it noted Thursday, disclosures from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court are “extremely rare.” The documents are a public relations victory forRead More

Microsoft is buying the company that makes Minecraft, and the creator is leaving.

Microsoft is expanding its video game empire, buying the wildly popular Minecraft and the tiny production studio that designed it for $2.5 billion. With Minecraft, Microsoft will be acquiring one of the most popular games ever. Minecraft has been downloaded more than 100 million times since it launched in 2009. But buying Minecraft won’t give Microsoft the brains behind the creation. Yesterday, Minecraft creator Markus Persson wrote a public letter saying he’s leaving Mojang as soon as he signs the deal. Now that a major corporation is involved and Minecraft hasRead More